The Spiral

When I first entertained the thought of marking my body in a permanent way with ink I had many thoughts to process through. First I would want something that meant something to me. I love Dolphins, I really do, I just didn’t want one tattooed on my body. No skulls and crossbones or crosses. No pictures of Christ crying or cartoon characters. None of that seemed to make sense for me. Despite the global use of the spiral to promote everything from coffee to underwear, it always had a lure for me.

It was ancient and mystical. It was Native, organic, and held a million meanings thru countless cultures. The spiral, has signified the direction for water. The plane between the physical and the spiritual, the journey of life. The Hopi believed the center of life was where you were born. When life was perfect. I’ve been told the spiral is one of the earliest symbols for human spirituality.
So there it was. The spiral. That’s what I would have tattooed. Oh yeah, next hurdle…where would I have it placed? I’m at an age where physically I’m not as taut as I used to be, if you know what I mean. With grace and mercy I hope to live for many more years and I don’t see a sudden rise in my physical tone. I had to find a place that would age gracefully !!  No biceps, no legs. I thought of my back but who would see it? So I settled on the inside of my forearm. Small, moderately discreet.
Yes, I had friends and family that just shook their heads, like it was some passing fancy. I guess they think only old wrinkled bikers or ex Navy guys have them. Whatever!!
My spiral has a small twist to it. On the inside of the spiral there is a cross. My way of seeing it is that when you are born you are at the center of the spiral, the closest to God I may ever be. Throughout life I have moved along the path of this spiral, this journey, down many roads. As the journey has continued I find myself on a path moving back to the center, back to God. Back to the Maker. Back to harmony with myself and everything in my world.
The tattoo is a reminder for me everyday to move closer to the center. It is also a reminder that
everyone is at a different place on their journey. I hope for patience as others are patient with me.
Permanent markings can be very en powering just as public professions of faith can be. I’ve you’ve thought about one, don’t let the nay sayers bother you. Enjoy !!

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