Men and Mentors

So here I am living in 2009. United States. Nashville Tennessee. The information age as my friends say. Before you the ink of your signature has dried on the credit card receipt, the new gadget you have, something faster, smarter, and cooler has already hit stores somewhere else. We live in a world of externals. How you look, what you drive, your zip code, the car you drive, all of that “stuff”. We don’t tend to look however on the inside.

In a broad sense it makes me wonder what my culture and what I am passing along to my children. More specifically, what do I teach them in regards to being men. Do I encourage them on the path of stuff or the path of spirituality, and not that the inevitable blending isn’t all bad. Do I encourage a job and money or maybe “life’s work”, “a calling”. I’ve seen those folks that seem to be doing just what they were put here for. They make me envious to be honest. It makes me wish I had been led in that direction.
So I don’t have any big answers. No huge definitives for my children. I ask them to search and be free to follow a life that is full. One that keeps them circling in good spaces and asking questions that bring them closer to themselves and their Maker.
They are on their own journeys and will find their mountains and valleys, darkness and light. I hope to give them a glimpse of what it means to be a man. Among the bumps, bruises, and scars, they will see a man of dignity, engaged in his walk. One with faults but is continually striving to grow everyday, and to put his faith and dependence in things that are timeless.

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