Living In The Spiral

This is my first post here at WordPress.  The spiral will be familiar to most once you see the picture. It is used these days to sell everything from organic products to spa memberships. The spiral is one of the oldest symbols for human spirituality. It has had a ton of different meanings through the years. The spiral has been used as a directional device. It is found in petroglyphs throughout Southwestern Native American tribes for thousands of years. For me personally, it represents a life journey. My approach is that when we are born we are closest to God, at the center of the spiral. As life goes on we begin to find ourselves moving away from the center.  We are busy being human, having a human experience. That’s all good. We have to get out there and bang around feeling what life is giving us. As the Navajo people call Hozjo, we need to find harmony, peace and balance. For me it’s found, it’s sweet little glimpses, are found in the Creator. I move daily on the  path of my spiral, sometimes further away sometimes closer. I take my bumps and bruises and I try to nestle as best I can when Im close to the center. Thanks for listening. I would love to hear your comments and views. images


7 thoughts on “Living In The Spiral

  1. Never knew that about the spiral…interesting…I think sometimes I’m sitting out on the end of the line outside. I hope as I grow older and wiser that I end up toward the middle more often than not.

    I like the look of your page and welcome to WordPress. I really like their choices. There are templates with custom headers where you can put your spiral picture at the top. Just search templates for ‘custom headers’.

  2. Ah, you made the “migration”!!! Lemme know if I can help you tweak things around here to tidy things up a bit in WordPress…I’d be more than happy to help!

    It was GREAT to meet you last night at Mickey Roo’s!

    • i cant figure out how to get anything on my blog. no widgets. i have chosen them and hit save, but they dont show up on my main page..

  3. I like your take on the spiral. From my own understanding, the spiral represents the vicious wheel of karma and reincarnation–which is repeated birth, death and rebirth on the physical plane.

    But once we have had enough of all the illusions of the physical life and begin to look for the creator with sincerity, then the Master will appear.

    And from then on, we jump off the spiral and enter the narrow road that leads to spiritual freedom. Now we become the knower and no longer the doubtful believer. There’s a world of difference between the two.

    Just a personal thought. Not necessarily a fact.

    • hmmmm, great line “we become the knower and no longer the doubtful believer”, only from actual experience ! Thanks for the comments

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