Adios Bodhi

Find a guy that didn’t like something about Patrick Swayze’s character Bodhi in Point Break, and I can tell you he has little soul. You didn’t have to be a surfer, but it helped. Bodhi always struck me as a searcher, always thirsty for knowledge and peace, but more fueled by his adrenalin and selfish desires….Sounds like me and every other guy I know. But ultimately Bodhi wasn’t afraid to be who he was. Contrary he wore it like a badge of honor as he talked about the rest of the folks inching along thru life in the metal coffins!

So after over a year of a wonderfully courageous fight against one of the  mothers of all cancers, that fight ended yesterday. It makes me think of his wife, her loneliness and emptiness. How did she prepare to be in this world without him. By all accounts they were a great love story. It also makes me think of what it took for her to fight that battle with him and probably sometimes for him. Were her needs shadowed by the dark cloud of sickness? She is just as admired as he was in my eyes. He is in that “better place”, however that looks, or tastes or feels. One day we will all know what the other side holds for us, the extension of our journey.

In the meantime, I will think of the scene when Keanu Reeves’ character Johnny Utah, asks Bodhipoint-break if he is going to break out in a chant, and Bodhi, smiling, laughs and says, “I just might”! Not afraid. I’m not so brave to be myself all of the time, but tonight I think I will chant, I will pray, and I will not be afraid. God Speed on your journey Patrick. Your spirit lives on!


2 thoughts on “Adios Bodhi

  1. I never saw that movie, but I did love Patrick Swayze. Madison and I were really sorry to hear he died. I can’t begin to know how his wife is feeling. I hope I never have to go through that. I pray that God will give her strength in the days to come.

    I’m reading Max Lucado’s new book, Fearless…If only we could live my life without fear, what could we accomplish?

  2. Patrick Swayze was a very versatile and talented actor who will be missed by many. Who could forget him in Red Dawn; Dirty Dancing; Road House; Next of Kin; Ghost; Point Break; To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything , Julie Newmar, just to name a few of my favorites. Who would have ever thought that such a masculine man could play a drag queen so convincingly? I followed his career and he always amazed me with his performances. I loved the edginess of his character in The Beast. He first got my interest in Red Dawn and then after Dirty Dancing, I knew that I was hooked and would continue to follow his career. I watched Point Break again just the other night. There are parts of Bodhi in so many people that I have known through the years. When I read of his passing, I cried and said a prayer for his loved ones and the struggle that they had been through. To lose someone you love is one of the most difficult things that we must do in this life. To never see anymore new characters by him makes me feel as if something will always be missing from my life. I too have not always been brave in my life, but as I get older, I get more comfortable with myself and I find that I am getting braver about being myself. I started to chant while I meditate a few years ago and tonight as I sit in meditation, I will think of a great actor who is finally at peace and no longer in pain, I will think of his loved ones that must now move through this life without him beside them. Every time I watch one of his movies, it will be a reminder that his journey will continue and his spirit does live on.

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