Ahhhh Water


When I was a kid and was maybe home from school sick, laying around feeling crappy, my Mother always told me to take a shower. She promised me that if I showered I would feel better. That there was just something about water! Cleansing, healing, rejuvenating !! As usual my Mother was right. I’d guess that most kids loved playing in the water. My first swimming lessons were at Bayview park in Pensacola, and thru the years I have skied and been canoeing in those waters.


Here are a few little facts about our old friend, Mr. Water.


*”There is the same amount of water on earth now as when the earth was formed”. I’m not sure who was doing that measuring, but I guess it’s true.

*”Americans use 5 times the amount of water that Europeans do”

*”Ground water can take a lifetime to traverse one mile”.

*Human brains are 75% water. 75% of a chicken is water! Wonder how much water is in a tortilla?


The love of water is mentioned in many of our favorite songs. Remember “Singing In The Rain”, “Up On Cripple Creek, “Cool Water”, “Splish Splash”, one of my favorites is  Jackson Browne’s “Rock Me On The Water”, and the first 45 I ever bought was B.J. Thomas’ “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”.

It takes me back to Pensacola Beach every time I hear Jimmy Buffett sing “Mother mother ocean, I have heard you call…wanted to sail upon your waters since I was three feet tall….you have seen it all” from Pirate Looks at 40.

Here’s one for the books…The Oak Ridge Boys…”Baptism Of Jesse Taylor

So what is it? Why this love for water? Maybe it’s the pureness of its beauty, and possibly mixed with its very real danger. I will always be a child of the water. In my head and one day maybe even in my body, like a Jimmy Buffett song, I will sail away to some island to live out my days.


What are your thoughts on water? I’d love to hear. In the meantime, “Mother, mother ocean, I hear you calling”……


2 thoughts on “Ahhhh Water

  1. The beach has been calling me since I had my knee surgery. I went to Johnson’s Beach the day before my surgery and have been waiting to go back. Today the call got to be too much. I rode out there and as soon as I saw the sand and waves… Ahhhh!!! I slowly and carefully made it to the water’s edge and sat and watched the waves coming in and out, the sand crabs peeking out of their homes, and the different kinds of birds flying and playing tag with the water. It felt like my soul and mind were being washed free from everything that had been troubling me. Sometimes my mind makes small things seem bigger and the water always makes them seem small again. I couldn’t spend much time there today, but sometimes it doesn’t take long for the beauty of it to calm and sooth me. I slowly made my way back up to the boardwalk and as I got to the bench to sit and rest, I saw a porpoise jump out in the water. A family was walking by and I pointed out on the water and said watch that area. It jumped a really big jump and then jumped 3 more big jumps before we didn’t see it anymore. It was having a great time just enjoying the water, being alive and we were enjoying the show. The family was not from this area and had never seen anything like it before. After that I sat on the bench while I watched the moon rise, the sunset and the waves coming in and out. Amazing what just an hour or so at the beach can do for you and sometimes for people you don’t even know.

  2. Ok so I begin to think about how many kinds of water there actually is… Here’s a partial list.
    Fire Water
    Hot Water
    Tap Water
    Toilet Water
    Bath Water
    Lemon Water
    Stagnant Water
    Salt Water
    Frozen Water
    Rain Water
    Cool Water
    Hot Water
    Pool Water
    Flood Water
    Still Water
    Creek Water
    Ocean Water
    Distilled Water
    Purified Water
    Holy Water
    Baptismal Water
    Pond Water
    River Water
    Well Water

    Can you think of any more? Kind of fun. 🙂

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