Feeling Like Summer

sunset sailboats

Summer is more than a season for me. It’s a state of mind, It’s a pace of life. It’s a way of being. I think my life has always led me in the perpetual state of summer !


Summer is carefree, relaxed, and worry free. It’s sun tans and good waves, cold beer and sunsets.  It’s fine tuning the art of ditching responsibilities  that can be ditched without severe repercussions.

tulum paden 2

Any why not? Really, what is the rush? To go where, to accomplish what? I’m all for productivity, but working yourself to the bone all day, all year, to find your worth. Well good for ya if that’s your path. I’d rather live simply, I guess, and try to be in the moment as it happens. As the truly good stuff is unfolding. When I’m with my children, I try my best to be in that moment. To watch them, soak them up. They are among the greatest of blessings.

tam and ev

I don’t have any answers for mankind. I’m doing my best to ask the real questions that will help navigate my life to a place of relative happiness and connectedness. Trying to pause long enough to notice what I had spent my younger years blowing by.

beach in mexico

Before you click off this page relegating yourself to what you may already you think of me, hold on, just for a second. I know we have to work and I’ve been around long enough to know there’s a great deal of satisfaction in work. Lifes work. Something good for the soul, not just the pocketbook. I’m in for all of that good stuff. I guess maybe what I’m talking about is balance,. That gentle point of where all seems good. Hawaiians would call it Aloha. Navajos would say it’s Hozho. Harmony and balance in life.


So if you don’t dig summer, give her a shot. She is warm and cozy, and will let your troubles slide right off her back into a wonderfully warm breeze that will remind you of what you really need to be happy.glenn and k 2


One thought on “Feeling Like Summer

  1. I have the hardest time living in the moment and being content with NOW. I’m always thinking ahead at what I’d like to do instead of what I should be enjoying right now. Thanks for reminding me.

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