Gutsy Teens

This comment was a big surprise to me. I read that more people have been on the moon, than have sailed around the world unassisted. Now, there is alot of space in that sentence for manipulation, but in essence what it says to me is that very few people have sailed by themselves around the world. Last year Zac Sunderland,, left California on a 36ft sailboat and made that journey.

This past week, Jessica Watson, set out from Australia to do the same thing. Amazing yes, but what makes it even more amazing to me, is that they are both teenagers! I would have been light years away from something like that, and probably still am.

I think they will find out more about themselves on this journey than many of us find about ourselves in a lifetime. You can follow Jessicas daily blog to see how she is doing. Zacs blog is also on his site and is really good. I really admire these kids in their search. They are not trying to conquer the seas, yet learning as sailors do, to take and use what is given, to find harmony. Good Luck Jessica.


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