An Old Friend From The Shelf

The other day, wanting to be outside and sit in the beautiful sunshine of a perfect day here in Nashville, I was  glancing thru my shelves of books, when I noticed an old friend. I pulled Jimmy Buffetts “Tales From Margaritaville”. According to my Mothers inscription, my parents gave it to me for Christmas, 1989. This was 5 months after my oldest son, Paden was born. I was living in Atlanta at the time and the book became a wonderful refuge for me as the weather was cold and I was missing the beach and all that goes with it ! I was missing slivers of an old life.


Do you have any books like that? Ones that you pick and read for a little bit? Just to kind of check in or maybe get a little fix. I have tended to visit that book in the cooler months and when I’ve been living away from the coast. It doesn’t have to be a deep read, sometimes it’s better not to be. For me it’s just reconnecting to things I miss. The longer it goes on, the more it becomes reconnecting even to the “memory” of all those years of re reading those passages.

So I sat in the yard in the late afternoon sun with old friends, the coast running thru my memories and the autumn Tennessee sun on my face. I didn’t need a long time. Just a bit would do. Later that evening we sat down to a wonderful Gulf Coast supper of Shrimp, Grits and Scallops. Not  a bad way to end the day, and create another layer of memories with the folks of Margaritaville.

I hope you have something, a book, music, something that you dust off every so often, that takes you somewhere special.


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