Shine A Light : Aloha Jack Johnson

One thing I’ve loved doing for as long as I can remember is turning people on to music that I like and I think maybe they will like as well. I’ve made my parents and my sister cassette tapes and now CDs, for years with music, some that they know and mostly songs or artists they don’t know. Discovering new music is still a big high for me. It’s like Gregg Allman once said about music, that it’s “life’s blood”.

So I thought maybe I’d do some posts each Friday  called “Shine A Light”, that would do exactly that, shine a light on stuff you may or may not have heard. They also may shine a light on folks you’ve forgotten. It’s easier than ever to expand your musical library and find folks through on line sources that you probably couldn’t have 30+ years ago. I’d also love to hear what you are listening to.

The first guy is new to me in the last 7 years or so, but Jack Johnson’s music for me has been like a breath of fresh air. He combines that laid back island vibe, picking up in a strange way where Buffett was years ago. The longer and closer I listened I realized how much he had to say, and how he works his life,and his love for the environment into his music.

It seems from what I’ve read that Jack truly tries to live the Aloha life. If you don’t know his music or some of the causes he is involved with should check him out.



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