La Familia

Well, here comes the Holidays ! Thanksgiving is still the largest family gathering holiday of the year. So that means that thousands of us will be hitting the road, headed far and wide to share a great meal, shop, watch some football, and yes spend time with  “The Family”.

It’s not so easy for some folk. It can create tension, flare up yearly headaches, and as much as love abounds, it can still be tough. Cramped quarters, that funky Uncle, annoying little cousin, heck having to spend a long car ride with your brother or sister just to get there.  My Sister and Mother volunteered one year at a Soup Kitchen. I’ve talked about it but sadly,  I guess selfishness or laziness has got the better of me.

I guess if we remember that there is no such thing as normal, and everybody makes little sacrifices, then maybe our outlook would be better. And what if we had nowhere to go? No family? Is it easier to gripe? Maybe so. I think it’s important for us to gather, to be with each other, to let our children grow up with the wonderfully wacky sense of extended family.

I’m in for sure. I’ve had several Thanksgivings without my children and this one we will be in my Son’s apartment. It will be special. We will break bread and hear stories about their lives, and laugh and nap, and watch some football. We will remember our ancestors on both sides of our lineage that are represented on the first Thanksgiving.

I hope your Thanksgiving is good, your travel safe and your team wins ! We all have so much to be thankful for and like it or not we all need each other. So go hug that funky Uncle, play a game with a little cousin, and listen to some stories of the lives being led by folk you don’t see that often. You’ll be back home soon, I promise !


4 thoughts on “La Familia

  1. I won’t be with Randy this year, but I will be with the kids and my parents and my friend Ginger and her daughter Amanda. I hope you guys have a safe trip!!!! Say a prayer for my mom….she goes in tomorrow morning for a “heart cath’ and she’s as little scared!

  2. Glenn & family,
    I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. Although we don’t know each other very well, your writings, photographs, and “spirit” through this blog — as well as the good word I have heard about you from Randy & Jan — have touched me this year, and for that I am thankful.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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