Shine A Light: Walt Wilkins

Here’s another post in the “Shine A Light” series. The series is hopefully going to remind you of music you may have forgot about or re light a fire for ones you continue to like. Another hope, is that it will turn you on to someone that you never heard of and they become a favorite.

When was the last time you heard someone new that stuck with you and became a big part of your listening life. I hope Walt Wilkins can become one of those for you. Walt is a  dear friend and a big, strong force in the current Texas music scene. Make no mistake however, it’s not made to just hum along and not pay attention to the lyric. Walt’s music is deep stuff, much akin to Jackson Browne or Kris Kristofferson in depth. For any of you in Texas, do yourself and your friends a big favor and find Walt in a town near you. You won’t be disappointed and you can thank me later. Check him out at

Walt spent 10 years here in Nashville writing some of the best stuff ever, but it didn’t resonate with the ears that make the decisions and generally those ears are happy with the same ole same ole. Whatever is the hot ticket at the time, they just want more of it until it’s dead, then they move on to the next big thing. That doesn’t leave much room for artists. It does however leave a ton of room for “acts”. Same story here for a long time. Walt moved back to his home state of Texas and stays very busy being a uplifting the  troubadour tradition, crisscrossing the state and neighboring states, bringing fine folks his art. The kinds of artists need to be supported. Find him, Facebook, website, local show. It’s good medicine for whatever ales you. I’d love to hear comments on what you listen to these days. What moves you? If music isn’t as big a part of your life, there’s still time. It’s good for the soul and can be soothing when nothing else works. Contrary to previous generations thoughts, there’s no need to outgrow music.


3 thoughts on “Shine A Light: Walt Wilkins

  1. We are blessed here in Texas to have a music ‘scene’ that is more a cultural heritage. A heritage of working hard all week and communing at the dance hall on Saturday night. Live music is all around us. Not only in Austin, the ‘Live Music Capital’ but in the hills, on the coast, out East, West and North. Great Artists travel this State and put there songs out there for us. If your ears are open, it is generally a great time to reflect and identify with what the artist is saying. The good ones will make you feel…will make you think… One of the best is Walt Wilkins.

    Go out and support Live Music.
    But remember to breathe through your nose…
    your ears work better when your mouth is closed :o)

  2. touche’…..upcoming artists on the “Shine A Light” series will include Davis Raines, The Wright’s, and Sam Baker !

  3. Wow! This dude is wonderful! Love the sound! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful talent. I just ordered his cds and can’t wait to hear more. Please keep sharing 🙂

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