What Was It I Thought I Knew?

I’m sure older and wiser folks will read this, grinning as they can see a little further down the road. They are there! In some ways I find myself trying to conciously open my mind more rather than subconciously closing it. This isn’t easy to put into words, and I can be as stuck in my ways and as close minded as anyone at any given time.

I’ve found myself trying to see the other side of things more. I have run across very bright people that think so differently than I. In my younger years, it was more about standing MY ground, making sure MY thoughts were heard. It was all from MY perspective. With friends and acquaintances¬†with differing opinions, I want to try my best to see it from their side. That other side can be in relationships, religion, politics, sports, whatever !

A friend on Facebook commented the other day about getting older and finding they didn’t know half of what they thought they knew. It may be just the natural progression of maturing, but there’s no one out there warning us to be on the lookout for this shift. So I think it’s healthy to recognize it in ourselves.

It doesn’t mean I have to surrender my thoughts and values. But perhaps with a little compassion and a little less ego, I can shape my thoughts and opinions to be more well rounded.

Does this resonate with anyone out there? Maybe I’m the only one that’s been shut off to alternate views!! I’d love to hear dialog if this is a thought in your journey.


4 thoughts on “What Was It I Thought I Knew?

  1. Well me personally, I’m open to views and ideas. I have experienced so much in my 26 years. I love to learn new things.

    I don’t think your the only person like you… you can change and be open when you feel like it.

    • Thanks for the compliment and for checking out the post. Who had linked you? I hope if you like it you will subscribe by email and comment as much as you like. I learn more from the comments. take care, glenn

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