Postcards From The South: Columbia, S.C.

Columbia, S.C. has a population of 728,000 and 27,000 are students at the University Of South Carolina.  My son Paden,  is one of those students. Columbia is her state capital,  nestled one and a half hours north of Charleston. If you’re ever looking for glimpses of the Old South, then South Carolina might be a good place to start. Some might say she is stuck in time while others might say she is honoring traditions. One of those traditions is SEC Football ! USC did win state bragging rights this year with its victory over Clemson. Sorry Clemson, you got spanked !

We spent Thanksgiving at Paden’s apartment along with my youngest son, Dylan. I shot a few pics on some of the blue road we traveled and thought I’d share them with you. As anywhere I guess we Southerners are serious about our food, and tradition abounds here. We boil our peanuts( they are better cold than hot ! Personal opinion), and we all eat soul food, just ’cause it’s damn good !

In the North they have dives. In the West there are saloons. Texas has its Dancehalls.In the south we have beer joints or what my Grandmother used to  called ” Joints”. They ain’t fancy, but in their day, them joints was a jumpin’ !!

The rural nature of the old south is alive, with it’s 2 lane roads, where you must drive with one hand at the top of the wheel ’cause you’ll be signaling other drivers a friendly hello with your pointer finger ! Except women, they just don’t much seem to get into it !!

My family after spending a few years along the coast of North Carolina in the 1600’s wandered into South Carolina, intermarried with Native Creek Indians there and scattered throughout the state until most of them headed off to South Alabama in the early 1800’s. The tall pines in South Carolina are like the ones that signal my approach to my “backyard”, when I pass through Montgomery headed to Pensacola, is when I first see those pine tress that tell me I am home.

If you ever have the chance to wander on the blue roads of the South, you should do it. The pace is refreshing, the food is fine, the people are friendly, and the sun is nearly always shining ! See Ya’ll later !


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