What’s In Your Ears ?

This morning I just wanted to catch up on yesterdays football scores. Instead of finding my mute button fast enough my early morning started off with Chris Bergman and his all time annoying voice. He was  screaming what he’s screamed a million times too many “HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY”. So I found the mute button with blurry eyes, aching ears and coffee in hand.

I fished my ipod out of my bag and scrolled thru the playlists. It’s 40, gray, light rain, in other words another typical winter day in Nashville and further evidence that I’m living too far north. I found a playlist called “Chants”. Ahhh relief from HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY! It’s got about 15 songs including, Traditional Hawaiian, Native American Flute, and Gregorian Chants. This is a much better way to ease into my day. So what’s on your playlist this morning? Did you hit the ground running or find some space? Tomorrow I work, so the chants won’t be the choice then.

I think music does for the soul of which nothing else can satisfy, except maybe meditation, but every time I meditate on the way to work, I take out a mailbox! So music works for me. How ’bout you?


2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Ears ?

  1. Usually it’s smooth Jazz of course, but lately because of the choir Christmas concert, it’s been our Christmas music. But I love Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Fourplay etc. etc. etc.

    I do love some BACH….when I’m in a classical mood.

  2. Diana Krall is really good. I have a friend that screams every time he hears Michael Buble singing “Me and Mrs Jones” ! He says the original by Billy Paul should never be tampered with ! Oh well, opinions. I do like some Jazz in the morning, but a little more abstract. You can’t beat Grover or Stanley Turrentine. thx, Jan

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