Shine A Light: Lee Ann Womack

There’s not too many bright spots for those of us that like good writing, great singing, and one foot still firmly planted in traditional country music. Lee Ann Womack is a wonderful, shinning example of the exception. It’s long been my contention that back in the day it was “country people singing about real life”. Nowadays it seems more like it’s people singing about some “thematic country world”, or fabricated life that they’ve never seen.

They have to be sure to include pick up trucks, dogs, pig roasts, half naked girls dancing around those fires, and those girls lovin’ up on some boys that they wouldn’t give the time of day to, if they weren’t paid to be in the video! It doesn’t feel real, and it just doesn’t resonate as real. For me personally its lost much of its soul.

I’m all for the youthful market, but now we have created acts instead of artists. It’s sad and embarrassing, but it’s that intersection of art and commerce, and commerce usually wins out.

If you find yourself left stale by what CMT or your favorite radio station is playing, go check out Lee Ann Womack. Lee Ann has a new single called “There is a God” and I hear will be touring pretty heavily this spring. So go check her out. Not only will you not be disappointed, but you will be given a tasty portion of hope and belief that your not the only one left, who digs the good stuff.

That’s my friend Randy Smith playing bass and singing harmony. We’ve been friends for almost 30 years. Always sounding good my friend. So get you some of that good stuff, go get you some Lee Ann Womack!


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