Are You In Or Are You Out?

What does the word “Exclusive” mean to you? I guess it would possibly matter in what context you read it or heard it, right? Perhaps this morning when I read it, it just hit me wrong. I was in the mall, a place I usually don’t go. This was Nashville’s upscale mall, and it was an advertisement for a pair of sunglasses. They were on a way too good looking young model and the slogan read “Isn’t it great to be exclusive”. It just made me think of that word for a minute. The night before I had been at a function in a very well to do neighborhood, like home in the 2-3 million dollar range. Of course it had the gate, guards, the whole bit there to keep the common folks out. Does the word exclusive make us feel special? Where do we look to be or feel special, affirmed, appreciated? Where should we look? How is exclusiveness or inclusiveness present in our lives?

I know it’s all just advertising, and the folks in those neighborhoods are good folks and deal with much the same problems that we all do. I know it’s not a big sinister plan, but it did make me think about 2 words….Exclusive and Inclusive. Do we want to buy into the exclusive side of things so we feel better about ourselves?. What’s the lyric in the Kris Kristofferson song “Jesus Was A Capricorn”?

“cause everybody needs somebody to look down on

who they can feel better than anytime they please

someone doin’ somethin’ dirty decent folks can frown on

if you can’t find nobody else then help yourself to me”

It seems like when I read about the great religions of the world, they are all inclusive, not exclusive. Christ was definitely inclusive. Being inclusive sure feels better to me. Sometimes it just feels like a subtle thought process permeating our world, a way to feel superior maybe or maybe a way to not look at what might be lacking in our own spirits and lives. I often feel like that’s the way it is for me.

No big deal. Just something that crossed my mind and wondered if it did anybody else’s. Tell me what you think or how you’d respond to those words.


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