Oh ho, Oh ho, Oh no, It’s Christmas

Well here we are again. Perhaps the most popular Holiday of the year. Shopping ! yeah ! Who wouldn’t love it….Oh I forgot for a minute that’s not really what it’s about. But everybody pretty much loves Christmas. In a weird sort of way it’s the one time Christians and non Christians come together !

As a child I was convinced I heard Santa on our Florida roof until I was close to 10 years old. We didn’t have a chimney, but that didn’t seem to factor in to my young innocent mind. My Mother made sure Christmas morning was special with a beautiful breakfast, even though that delayed and frustrated my sister and I. Presents seemed to be stacked to the ceiling.

It also seemed like back then we didn’t get stuff throughout the year. I can hear my Mother when I wanted some toy at the store. “Now remember to put that on your Santa list”, “Your birthday is right around the corner”, etc. I really thought someone had spaced out all of the holidays to where I wouldn’t get anything until one of them rolled around.

In Pensacola, it could easily be in the 60’s for Christmas. So white Christmases weren’t only a thought for us folks living in the South. But the snow isn’t what made it special. It was that feeling. That magic, that sense that even if for one day, everything in the world was alright, where everyone felt warm and cuddly ! I know now that just because the 25th of December rolls around, just because the birth of the Christ is here, doesn’t mean a thing. Crime still happens, pain happens, people leave and loved ones pass on.  But that little ole nugget abounds, right!, hope ! Hope is strong, and hope is unrelenting. Hell it’s hope , doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Children are born, lovers love, people make up, couples stay, and the sun does shine.

One day is better than none. It can start there, and become two days, or a week or a year. Maybe even a lifetime where we embrace hope, and we look to our brothers and sisters, our animals and our earth with love and respect.

Merry Christmas from the hills of Tennessee.


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