Shine A Light: John Prine

I think John Prine may have skipped away with one of the sweetest careers in the music business. Here is a guy that never had his sights on being a “star”, or a household name. At his core, John Prine is a storyteller to me. One of the finest writers we have. Everyone has covered his songs. Bonnie Raitt had a great hit on “Angel From Montgomery”, and its been covered numerous times. He also co wrote “Love is on a Roll” for Don Williams and the big big David Allen Coe hit “You don’t have to call me by my name”.

Johns voice is like life worn, tattered, and full of soul. It has an optimism and a humor not found in most songs. He has been able to make a good living and  keep his art and soul. That ain’t easy to do !

If you find yourself distanced from music because you don’t feel like it speaks to your life anymore or you just want a break from what your listening to, give John Prine a listen. There is a saddness, a slice of life most of us might wish to turn a blind eye to. John sings for the misfits, the ones outside looking in, the old and forgotten folks. He sings stories for us all.

So hats off to a guy that has had a good deal. Lives his life wrapped around his art. Writes and sings what he wants and gets paid for it ! That’s hard to beat !


One thought on “Shine A Light: John Prine

  1. Hear, hear! I just finished posting on my blog about an interview i heard with John Prine on public radio’s American Routes last week, and your post came up as an auto-generated possibly related one. I enjoyed reading it! Thanks.

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