Resolutions By The Wayside

Ok, It’s another year gone, another one facing us or offering us the opportunities to do life a little better. Better is probably not the most accurate word. Maybe we are just trying to find more harmony within ourselves and the folks that live in our circle.

To be better Fathers, Husbands, Friends. To rise to the call when it’s called for. To love deeper, react to anger slower and in healthier ways. To be more connected to the needs of the ones we love. I know I could be better in every facet of my life. We can be more diligent in being healthier  Wives, Daughters, Sons, and caretakers of this Earth we have been lent.

I haven’t made a public proclamation of any “New Years Resolution” in a long time. Mostly because I know myself and don’t want the kidding and ridicule when that resolution fades away! I make them privately however all the time. I wake up often and try to be more diligent in performing stronger as a husband, believer and worker.

I strive to worry less, be much much less negative in thought and word. To really acknowledge the gifts of this life. I sure don’t have to look very far to know that my life contains many blessings that are not standard issue, but the secret as I see it is to find and know those gifts without basing it on someone else’s degree of “misfortune” or “lack of”.

As the wise philosopher,  Augustus MaCrae in Lonesome Dove once said “So the only healthy way to live life as I see it is to enjoy all the little everyday things, like a sip of whiskey in the evening or a glass of buttermilk, or say a feisty gentleman like myself”. Well you get the point, it’s the little things.

So I guess I’ll pass again this year on any big public resolutions, but rest assured I will be making and redefining private ones pretty much everyday.

Happy New Year to you all !


One thought on “Resolutions By The Wayside

  1. I used to publically announce my resolutions too but as I’ve gotten older and know myself better and am a little wiser, I’ve found, also, that it’s better to keep them to myself. Pastor Dan has been talking about our ‘mitzvot’ for the new year a lot in the past few months. Mitzvot is the Hebrew word for a goal or resolution. The whole church is reading through the bible this year, which as been in my list of resolutions for a long time and I usually don’t get past Gen. Chapter 24. 🙂 Hopefully since the whole church is doing it maybe I’ll make it this year.
    I have a couple of other things that I’m going to work on….I’m not going to promise myself or anyone else that I will accomplish what I set out to do, but I think I’m just going to take it a day at a time and see what happens.

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