Too Much News ?

Is it just too damn much of everything? I’m sure this comment will mark my age, but I remember as a kid we had 3 T.V. channels and although I’m sure there was news at 10pm, I just remember the 6 o’clock news with Walter Cronkite. Now hundreds of channels, 24/7. Ok, so with that out of the way,  and at the risk of just sounding like an old guy complaining, here we go…

Does anyone feel overloaded with not only the amount of information coming at us, but need for constant updates and communication. It permeates everything in our lives. This constantness. Whether its T.V. news, talk radio, blog, text, IM, and twitter. I’m guilty of some of it for sure. I hate the hold it has on me. The wonder if the inbox has something in it.

The thing of it all is that most of the time the incoming info ain’t worth the time of looking it up ! I saw a guy on T.V. the other day that was helping people simplify their lives, and he suggested to detoxify from all of that stuff and none of it after 9pm. Can we do it? Can I do it? Maybe I can’t be the best but I’ll go for the “er” part and just be better, and better…..

I have a friend that intentionally leaves his cell phone at home, and when he’s on the road, he turns it off for extended periods of time. We all say “but what if something happens”. So are we living with this attachment of constant communication, for the one bad thing that may or may not happen.

I guess each generation has to find its own comfort level with that. I know friends and especially family will just say “ole Glenn is just getting old”…Maybe they are right, but here’s the other thing about getting older, “I just don’t care” . So what do you think? Do you ebb and flow with all of this information?


7 thoughts on “Too Much News ?

  1. Ok I’m guilty… I hardly ever go to bed without my phone because that’s the time I have to check everything. I need to start leaving it in my purse because I know I could live without the few things i gain by looking at facebook or Twitter or anything else. I think Randy is currently taking a sabatical from Facevook. It seems like within the last year since we got our iPhones it has just begin to rule our everyday lives!……… Well put my friend.

    • Just recognizing that we need those sabaticals is a god thing. The tools are good things but surely are a double sided sword. Thx for the comment

  2. And here’s the other problem I have….I just read and wrote this at 6:00 on the morning when I’m supposed to be getting ready. 😦

  3. I’m more an “ebber” then a “flower”. It is a love/hate thing for me. On a positive side, all of that technology and connectivity allows me to read your blog with ease!

    Media fasting is always good for me.

  4. I’m looking forward to the time when I can be like the old man in the Buffett song “he’s getting old and losing his hearing, but don’t care what most people say”

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