Shine A Light: The Wrights

Here’s the weekly “Shine A Light” post. It’s my honor and priviledge to shine it on my friends Adam and Shannon Wright, known in the music world as “The Wrights”. Great writing, harmonies that are usually saved for blood relatives, fine musicianship, and no finer folks to be found to top it off !

They are household names just waiting for their audience to find them, and they will ! They have a few CD projects on i tunes, so give em a listen. You won’t be disappointed. Below is one of their songs that’s being covered by Solomon Burke aided by some of Nashvilles finest studio cats !

Support live music, please. There are folks out there like the Wrights, working, singing, writing from the heart and hoping to keep the dream alive. Beware though, if you start listening to good writing, writing from the heart, crafting of a lyric, much of the stuff you find on the radio will begin to lose its appeal and its realness. Happy listening and discovering !


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