I wonder how many folks either immediately gravitated to or away from the very title of this post. It’s a word that comes with a lot. I have known many people that had no interest in organized religion and as a matter of fact probably ran the other way as its mention, but I don’t think I have ever met anyone that didn’t like Jesus ! I just wonder if people, particularly the ones that distance themselves, are doing so to religion or Jesus.

For me, Jesus is just the purest form of love there is. I feel he is there walking beside me always. A comfort and a guide. I don’t feel fear simply because he knows me. Therefore he knows my heart, my weaknesses and efforts. I am simply human doing the best I can most of the time. It’s that relationship full of love, mercy and grace that I value.

For some I guess Jesus represents a doorway to rules. Of punishment when you slip up. I have members of my family that through people with good intentions, but not much subtly, tact or grace, pushed them so far from the doors that they might never return.

The conversation of salvation and the respect for other world religions,  can be left for another time, but to me that means they will journey on without that comfort, without that understanding of how deeply they are loved, even if they find it on their deathbeds. I think the journey is equally important as the destination and really, they go hand in hand.

Perhaps my wish is for people to find Jesus on their terms and in their own way. And church, well, hmmm, how would I say it, maybe not essential. I personally attend and there are many good aspects of church and worshiping with fellow believers. But if all the churches were destroyed, you’d still have Jesus, and as the old saying goes, “the church is a body of people not a structure”.

So what do you think? Any difference for you in accepting or running from Jesus and the Church/Religion? Does the mention of either name strike a different emotion? I just wonder if these questions ever tug at your sleeve in those quiet moments alone. I don’t have any answers but my own. No judgments, just a heart full of questions as I journey looking for the many faces of truth.


3 thoughts on “Jesus

  1. Glenn,

    Growing up in the Catholic Church, it was all about crime and punishment. “Do this and you’ll go to hell,” was the mantra. As a teenager, that pushed me way away. Life brought me back. After a lengthy season of doubt, I found my way back and finally learned about Jesus. Not the corporate Church’s conception, but the bible’s conception. After learning about Him and His life, I’ve immersed myself in the faith and found that when you really understand Jesus, you really understand that it’s all about love and forgiveness, not crime and punishment. If more people understood that very simple concept, they would take up the cross.

    • Kenny

      Great way to say it. Your line” Life brought me back” really hits it dead center. Thanks for your comments by the way. I like your recent post on yur blog. By the way how did you find mine?


  2. I have a maker
    He formed my heart
    Before even time begin
    My life was in His hands

    I have a father
    He calls me His own
    He’ll never leave me
    No matter where I roam

    He knows my name
    He knows my every thought
    He sees each tear that falls
    And hears me when I call

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