Shine A Light: Stevie Wonder

Wow. Where would one start to talk about the career of Stevland Morris, known to all of us as Stevie Wonder. Remember Little Stevie Wonder, with that hot harmonica on “Fingertips Pt.2”? Growing up in the 70’s, Stevie was everywhere, and his stuff had more groove than most bands could dream of. Check out this You Tube clip of “Superstition”. The groove is so cool. It’s not forced or aggressive, but deep and soulful. But hey, that’s Stevie in a nutshell !

If you are at last the age of 45, then Stevie’s songs are part of the soundtrack of your life. From “I Was Made To Love Her”, “My Cherie Amour” to “Living For The City” and just about everything from the LP “Songs In The Key Of Life”. His is a master, writer, performer and producer. I could go on forever about Stevie Wonder because I really think he is one of the greatest musical talents of my lifetime, but I will leave it at just that. A genius. Thanks Stevie for a lifetime of soul !


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