The Shapers

I suppose when we begin a new year most of us find ourselves reflecting on the past one. Sometimes that reflection leads us to those that are no longer here on this earth. Spirits and influences live on without a doubt, but their physical presence is missed deeply.

My Paternal Grandmothers side of our family is where most of our Indian blood comes from, Lower Creek(Muscogee). In our wilder, crazier days all of us Grandchildren crossed her “warpath”, but we all loved her deeply. I hear her voice almost daily. Below is part of a lyric to a song I wrote called “Another Angel”. I wrote in memory of my Grandmother.

Gotta let go of those tears ’cause it’s good for the soul

Slip the grip of the hands that taught us all we know

This moment holds a light- where every breath knows its reason

All you’ve tried to trust is here- and we all have our season

And we plant another cross- close another circle

Send another prayer- another angels coming home

Swing wide your gate- make ready that room

Hold your arms open Jesus- time is coming soon

Go tell your angels- another angels coming home”

This post is dedicated to a few folks that I’d like to mention. They were wonderfully warm influences in my world at one time or another. It’s been a few years for some of them and some have passed recently. i wish I had pictures of everyone.

Gene and Sylvia Simmons- My Paternal Grandparents

Wallace and Isabel Kaler- My Maternal Grandparents

Buck Jones- Friend, Musician and co writer

Doyle Howell- Tamra’s Father

Daryl Lafayette- Friend

Luke and Gaggie Golden- Friends. Parents to William Lee Golden, Grandparents and guiding lights of Rusty and Chris Golden.

Billy and Randy Smiths Granfather-( The little dog is an angel to, but I won’t tell that story here ! )

I hope we can all take a moment to remember the ones in our lives that have meant so much. They have shaped us, loved us, guided us, and left imprints of footsteps that sometimes seem too big to fill. I hope when my time comes, those in my world that love me, will think of me even partly like I do these folks mention. Swing wide your gate, another is angel’s coming home !


One thought on “The Shapers

  1. Yeah, we don’t need to go into the story about the little dog. 🙂 Great blog….we have all but one grandparent on on the wall in out living room to remind us of their memory.

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