Shine A Light: Sam Baker

What do you look for in music these days? Hot licks, Hot Chicks? Groovin’ bass? Maybe something to just humm along to as you make your way to and from work. Do you only like voices that sound like songbrids? Or do you ever open the box way up and listen, really listen to the stories? Maybe the stories aren’t pretty, maybe they are stories of  life on the fringes. Maybe the voice is ragged, engaging, and leaves deep marks on your soul,  just like life. Maybe the melodies and tracks are hauntingly beautiful. That’s Sam Bakers music.

Sam is not a  household name. You won’t find him jumping around on the American Idol stage, nor is he selling out stadiums. But Sam is an artist and none of the above holds any interest to him. Sam is telling his stories of life thru his lens and is thankful there is a growing number of folks that are interested in taking the time to ride along.

Sams story is amazing, from childhood life in Texas to being one of many victims in a terrorist train exlposion in Peru. He resides in Austin. Check out his music, story and interviews on his site, Also the photo is among many really great photographs taken by Rodney Bursiel and you should take time especially if you love photography, to go to his site,


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