Can anyone really define love? I wouldn’t think so,  maybe love can be described but not defined. For a lot of us it could be simply be that feeling in our stomachs that is like no other.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. The lovers holiday. As a kid, I remember sitting around the table writing valentines for my classmates for the big exchange. In high school we were able to buy that special someone a rose and have it delivered.

Perhaps it’s the spirit of things. Like the song says, “if everyday could be just like Christmas, what a wonderful world it would be”.  And if we could treat our partners everyday like we treat them on Valentines Day, wouldn’t the world be brimming with love?

As anyone that is married or in long term relationships knows, the road of being together is hard. It’s full of peaks and valleys. There is sunshine and rain, smiles and tears. My marriage is no different, it’s full of everything that makes it tough and beautiful. Sometimes I’m the better part of it, but that is rare. Usually its my wife.  Tamra is the better part of me, and reminds me through her actions,that the world doesn’t revolve around me. That love is giving. She makes me happy that there is a Valentines Day, but more importantly, makes me happy that I have everyday to love her a little better.

Many years ago someone gave me some advice that had been passed down to her. This persons Mother said “Whatever you do to get someone, you have to continue doing the same things to keep them”. I thought that was really good and while I have strayed from that principle in my life and rested on comfort, that sage advice blows through my life now more than ever. So I keep trying, not always achieving, but trying to make every day like Valentines.


“We’ve got everything we need- I’ve got your two lips and you’ve got mine

And our four lips can be kissing- if you’ll be my valentine

On this moonlit night- you know its only right

That its your heart and mine

Cupid didn’t miss- when I asked him this

Can you stop her heart on a dime

And make her always be my valentine

used by permission Glenn Simmons Music/ 2008


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