Please Release Me

It’s the same old song and dance for me in the middle of winter. My wife hears familiar grumblings from me every year at this time. “we’re living too far north”, “Damn I hate winter”, those kinds of things. I live in Nashville Tennessee.  A place not know for its severe winter blizzards, either in depth or length. When we get 4 inches of snow every 8-10 years, the place shuts down. So while I’m not living in the tropics, I’m aware that latitude 36 isn’t arctic headquarters either.

I guess we all try to make the best of winter in our own ways.

I’m reminded of the Jimmy Buffet tune, “Floridays”

Pale invaders and tanned crusaders
Are worshipping the sun
On the corner of “walk” and “don’t walk”
Somewhere on US 1
I’m back to livin’ Floridays
Blue skies and ultra-violet rays
Lookin’ for better days

So we ride out the winters, relishing those days when the sun shines and we can feel the hints of warmth on our face. Come end of February, Nashville will begin to catch the glimpses of Spring. Old man winter will be on the ropes and his armor will show signs of giving way. Life will poke its wonderful head out of the dirt, smiles will be on the faces of the young and old. I will be back in my element and continuing my distant plans to one day call the tropics home.

So like the line from Fred Neils classic, “Everybodys Talkin’ “, “I’m goin’ where the weather suits my clothes”.


One thought on “Please Release Me

  1. I’ve got a bone to pick with mother nature this year. It’s true that I’ve chosen to live in the most God forsaken tundra of upstate NY, but…..last month I went to NC to visit and was greeted with three inches of snow. This weekend I went to Pensacola to visit and got….you guessed it…SNOW. Is it bad karma or a sign from the higher power that I am always in the right place at the wrong time?? It’s disturbing, to say the least!

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