Shine A Light: Marvin Gaye

When I was about 16, I went with a friend to Boston. We stayed with my friends older sister and among her records I discovered a Marvin Gaye record called “What’s Going On”. You’ve had those moments, right, where you heard something and were simply blown away, and the feeling stayed with you forever. Thats how finding Marvin was for me. What a record, I mean what a record. Never mind understanding what it meant for a R&B artist to release a record like that in 1971. It still hits hard today. The questions are still compelling.

There’s not enough to say about Marvin Gaye. He was a bridge between black and white for sure. A spiritual man that at the same time battled with his demons but always strived for peace and harmony. Marvin met a tragic end at the hand of his own Father, and the world still moans.

His music lives on and take it from me the “What’s Going On” album  is still listed as one of the all time greats.


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