Shine A Light: James Taylor

There must be something about 70’s music. Those of us that grew up with it still like it and those that have come since them ,like my children, they like it ! It sure isn’t hard to dip into the well of great music from that era and find some of the jems that got you through those days. Songs that were at your side, thru love and loss, summer and winter. I’m sure there’s a few folk that don’t like James Taylor, but hopefully they are all together on some deserted island paying for the crime of not liking JT ! Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but man its James, Sweet Baby James ! You know, “Fire and Rain”, “Carolina In My Mind”, “Her Town Too”….and the hits and the memories just keep a coming.

There is something special about James Taylor. Check out this video of “Fire And Rain”. From the first chords the crowd knows the song and the trip has begun…..Autumns at college…..the last time kissed her……..good red wine and a fire…….the songs he sang to you…….JT touches a different nerve that almost any other artist of his era, but the catch is you have to carve out time. Kids in bed, glass of red, comfy chair, maybe headphones, slow down and go through those songs. Be patient with them, they are meant to be savored.


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