Alan Jackson CD Release

I don’t seem to buy CD’s these days. I find myself hunting through I Tunes and selecting songs. Every once in a while though, it’s worth the drive down to the local music store and pickup a CD. Such is the case with Alan Jackson’s new CD released today, called “Freight Train”.

I have a little extra incentive on this one. First it is a marked return to classic Alan Jackson music. Second, my friend, Adam Wright co wrote the best tune on there called “Tail Lights Blue”. Folks outside of the music business have no earthly idea how hard it is to get a song recorded these days by a major artist, and just what it means to that writer financially. So please if you are a country music fan, go buy this CD. Support this artist and these writers. If you like Tail Lights Blue, then also check out my blog on Adams own projects as well as his music on i tunes under the name The Wrights.

So let me know what you think, and thanks in advance for supporting Nashville’s community of songwriters, and Adam Wright is one of the finest writers and people you’ll ever meet.



Reading List: Post Secrets

Have you seen this concept of Post Secrets. I was told it started where this guy wanted to compile a book of peoples inner most thoughts. He asked them to write them on a postcard and send it in. It is enlightening as well as disturbing. To me the realization of what people carry around is astonishing. I wonder if it helps to write it down and put it out in the universe even if it anonymous.

The author, Frank Warren began with a website, His book A Lifetime of Secrets is an amazing read.

I want to be rich and successful someday, just so my father will wish he stuck around”.

“I am pawning my wedding rings to pay for my therapy.”

“The hands I was afraid of when I was a kid are now just part of a frail, lonely, sad man”

“My wife doesn’t know I use my Blackberry in church to search for other men to hook with for sex. Not sure if i am going to hell or if I am already there.”

Wow ! What people harbor in their souls. What has happened to them along life’s way? What has happened to all of us, when we look in the deep dark corners for what we think and do, how we are in this world.

There were some uplifting ones too.

“I love my fine lines and wrinkles”.

“Kiss my ass fibromyalgia, I’m going to enjoy my life anyway.”

“I’m falling in love with myself, I wish you were alive to see this”

“I went to help them, and they helped me in way I didn’t know I needed.”

So for me I wouldn’t say it was an uplifting read, not the feel good book of the year, but sometimes uncomfortable is good. i think sometimes God uses uncomfortable to thread us all together. It helps me remember everyone has pain, fear and insecurity, just as I do. It makes me remember my brothers ans sisters in this world and to give them some room just as I hope others will grant me.

Shine A Light: Grover Washington Jr.

Do you remember the album “Winelight” from about 1981? White jacket, sax and a glass of white wine on the cover. That album contained the monster hit ” Just The Two Of Us” and featured on vocals the late great, Bill Withers of “Ain’t No Sunshine”, “LeanĀ  Me” fame.

Grover was instrumental in the smooth Jazz ear of the 70’s and 80’s and for those of us coming to age around that time, Grover’s music was a sophisticated, essential element. We were trying to grow up, ha, with our white wine, baggy pants and Miami Vice-ish jackets, and the other pure Florida element of the time, no socks ! Sure we were listening to Bob Marley, The Stones, The Cars, Tom Petty, but if you wanted a slice of maturity or elegance, Grover was the way to go. Check out a little Grover if you get time. You can even break out the white wine, put on your pleated pants (if they still fit, mine don’t), and kick off your socks !

Happy Listening !

New Appreciations

It seems as I’ve got older that I’m appreciating perhaps a wider variety of things and even the things I’ve enjoyed for years, I’m doing so in different, deeper ways.

I heard someone say one time that as they got older they demanded better quality bedding and better quality toilet paper! I guess that’s a pretty good place to start, and I have started there, but it’s just the gateway. Everything gets sweeter. I try to slow and and be in the moment with whatever I’m doing. It doesn’t come naturally for me, and remains a constant struggle. But when I do get that brief moment of recognizing that I’m there, it’s really nice.

What is it for you? Food? That’s a good one. I have always been a horrible eater, nothing green for me , thank you!!! Could you please cook all of the health out of that ! My wife, while always a great cook, has been treating cooking like it’s soul work ! The scents and tastes coming from our plates has made supper time exciting.

But it can be anything. A good cigar. A great glass of wine. Conversation, coffee, books, relationships, worship and the list goes on and on. Maybe it more to do with slowing down and appreciating things. Realizing that depth is more important, at this stage than coverage.

Every stage of life is better when we realize, where we are is right where we should be, and that it serves a reason and a purpose. That’s not always easy, but it sure feels right when it happens.

Shine A Light: Buck Jones

Three years ago I arrived home to a house full of friends. It was ST. Patricks Day and we were having a party. I wasn’t home long, cracking open a cold Shiner beer when my phone rang. It was my friend Milan Miller. The odd thing that struck me right off is that Milan always calls my cell, not my house phone. That day my house phone rang.

Milan was calling about our mutual friend and upcoming Country Music Artist, Buck Jones. It wasn’t 5 seconds into the conversation that the news hit me and my stomach just literally sank. Buck had been tragically killed. Damn.

After gaining my ability to speak, I began pacing. I was hearing the clatter and chatter of a party in the background, but at the same time my heart was sinking. Milan recounted what he knew so far. On the way to a gig, Buck had car trouble on the Interstate just outside of Dallas. While walking along a service road, he was struck from behind by a drunk driver. The conversation didn’t last too long. Milan didn’t know what else to say and neither did I. Numbness was all I felt.

I had talked to Buck two days before he left. We had been writing together for over a year. He spent many a night at our supper table. The whole family loved Buck as did anyone who’d ever met him. If you had ever met someone that said he didn’t like Buck Jones, then you could say you’d met someone that had a very poor judgment of people. We had plans to write the day after he was to return to Nashville. I looked for the lights of his truck all evening, just not wanting to believe that this friend, this father, son and husband wasn’t going to be pulling up to the curb, dragging his old guitar case out and ambling, smiling up to my doorstep.

So what do you do with that.?Young man. Talented voice. Budding writer. Friend. Father. Son. Gone.

Here’s a lyric to a song that Milan and I wrote for Buck.


The hole you left has hit me hard- seems like it came out of the blue

Turned good dreams into memories- like a cheap shot somebody threw

I hope the rains come pourin’ down- ’cause that’s just how I feel

As I sit here starin’ thru the holes- of this lousy deal

It’s a dark day here- I’m lost and confused

It’s a dark day here- I’m hurtin’ and bruised

Wonderin’ if I’ll ever find a way or the strength to see this thing clear

It’s a dark day here, It’s a dark day here

I hope your leavin’ was easy- and you never looked back

That your new world is everything- that your old one ever lacked

It’s a dark day here- I’m lost and confused

It’s a dark day here- I’m hurtin’ and bruised

Wonderin’ if I’ll ever find a way or the strength to see this thing clear

It’s a dark day here- It’s a dark day here

glenn simmons music/BMI

Reading List: The Shack

So what box does your God of choice live in? As humans we can only relate to the Great Mystery at a certain level, so we put ourselves, each other and our God in boxes to make them more manageable.William P. Young’s great book and bestseller, The Shack”, helps get the ball rolling for folks that didn’t realize they were putting God in a box, limiting Gods wonder, magic and mostly his love and forgiveness. We’re all guilty of it and seeing God in unexpected ways, is to take off the filters of society, childhood and religion and to catch that wonderful, beautiful, glimpse of a Creator big enough for us all. With a capacity for love that we could never really imagine.

Check out “The Shack” if you have time. I promise it will make you think, and hopefully allow enough room to let God show up in life in ways you never dreamed.


The Ellington Agricultural Center is used as a cut thru on the way to many places in our lives. My favorite reason to go through there is to see the horses. Nashville Law Enforcement keeps their horses boarded there.

There is something healing and peaceful about seeing horses in a pasture. The horses offer a natural element in the middle of a city, a place for sanctuary. Sometimes we go by and the horses are full of spirit and in the stud pen, he is usually pacing and showing off. Today when I passed, they were working the horses as I’m sure with spring around the corner, they have to go back to work.