Reading List: Eat, Pray, Love

Chick flicks and chick books ! What does that really mean or say about us? Does it mean that men, manly men, can’t read and get something out of these books or movies? I sure hope not. Of Elizabeth Gilberts bestseller, “Eat Pray Love”, I read it and loved it. Its truths are non gender, and truth is truth my friend, it knows no genitalia !

It’s a story in part, chronicling her post divorce journey. In this journey she is seeking balance, God, harmony and love, mostly the love is a love of herself. Accepting herself as she really is. What can be more all-encompassing than that? Isn’t that what we’re all after even if we don’t know it !

Within the lines the reader is exposed to the spiritual and life practices of other cultures. We westerners don’t always see life from perspectives other than our own. We should be more global don’t you think? I wonder why we are so challenged by things, people, beliefs that are different from ours. Is it ego, insecurity? Maybe once we see behind the curtain and remember that people are people everywhere, and we all share the same desires of life. We want love, to be and to give that love. We want our children to grow and be happy. We want to live in a world of peace and be free to follow the God of our choosing.

So if you are looking for a good read, with great humor and Gilbert has that in spades, full of life’s bumps and bruises, then check out “Eat Pray Love”. You may not agree with her choices or her road, but she isn’t asking us to. If she is asking anything it might just be to dare us to envision our future full of life, love and God. But seek we must do and the road will look different for all of us.


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