Bring This Guitar Home

The tools with which a man makes his living, creates his art, should be left alone. There should be honor in that. Not everyone feels that way obviously. Just before Christmas this guitar was stolen from outside the Saxon Pub in Austin Texas, by a person with many more troubles than you and I. To steal it from a man that would give you his last nickel to see that you ate; A man that has given us all such great art and soulful perspectives on this life thru his writing and music, well it’s beyond a crime to have this guitar stolen.

This is a Gibson guitar and one of three made with old wood from  Army barracks in Marfa, Texas. One was given to Willie
Nelson,  one to Dan Rather. and one to Walt Wilkins So needless to say it is special, but for a songwriter each guitar holds the spirit of the songs written on it, and to lose that is more than just losing a guitar. This one has some of Walt’s  souls in it.

So to the guy that walked off with it, lighten your burden. Drop it off, literally anywhere and tell them to call Walt Wilkins. Could be a guitar store or any club around. Walt is much more interested in restoring harmony than any vengeance. Remember, karma is a bitch…… but it can be righted!!


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