Infamous or Famous: Do We Care?

I know, I know, it’s just TV and 90% of it is such foolishness that only fools give it any real creditability, right? Then you throw Donald Trump into this mix and then, well, there you have it. Pure TV, pure waste of good time. Perhaps its my age, but I’m no reality TV fan at all, but the real bug up my @#$% is this…Why is a guy like former Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich on the Apprentice? Why do we take dirty people and give them a celebrity platform? Convicted or not, it all seems pretty apparent that this guy is dirty. He should have his day in court and let justice fall where it may, but giving him this national platform to get his ego fed and reinvent himself as a celebrity is crazy.

What does it say to our children about crime, punishment and accountability? This really makes my head spin. I guess I’m lucky to live in a free country where I don’t have to watch that stuff, but the bigger social message really frustrates me.

I know there are big crimes and little crimes and that politics breeds things that we will never know about. I also know that some folks just want to be on TV and they don’t care what thy have to do or say, they just want to be there.

Is anyone out there offended by this stuff? I get Bret Michaels reinventing himself and keeping himself in the public eye by almost any means, and it’s sure easy to blow that off. But someone that was a public official, and having a fall form grace thru  questionable activities at best and then mugging for the camera, well, hopefully I’ve made my point. Tell me if you care about this stuff?


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