The Ellington Agricultural Center is used as a cut thru on the way to many places in our lives. My favorite reason to go through there is to see the horses. Nashville Law Enforcement keeps their horses boarded there.

There is something healing and peaceful about seeing horses in a pasture. The horses offer a natural element in the middle of a city, a place for sanctuary. Sometimes we go by and the horses are full of spirit and in the stud pen, he is usually pacing and showing off. Today when I passed, they were working the horses as I’m sure with spring around the corner, they have to go back to work.


14 thoughts on “Horses

  1. Lovely pictures, and I echo your feelings of being around horses. I had a young Weimeraner dog who ‘fell in love’ with a locally stabled horse we used to see on our morning walks. Her feelings were reciprocated by the horse! It was wonderful to see their morning greetings – and so sad when they had to part!!

  2. I like your horse head picx too. They remind me of the time my art teacher insisted we draw ‘animals from life’ as opposed to photos. And as I looked at the horse he gave me that same look as in your photos….and then came up and tried to eat the pencil. Makes you wonder what they think of us….do they think we’re great entertainment?

  3. Your photos are lovely. I was lucky enough to be at the final day of the mounted patrol training last year. After a week of training, the horses had to ride through an obstacle course. It was a timed event, so they couldn’t spend much time thinking about something that scared them. Are these photos from that training? They look like it.


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