Reading List: The Shack

So what box does your God of choice live in? As humans we can only relate to the Great Mystery at a certain level, so we put ourselves, each other and our God in boxes to make them more manageable.William P. Young’s great book and bestseller, The Shack”, helps get the ball rolling for folks that didn’t realize they were putting God in a box, limiting Gods wonder, magic and mostly his love and forgiveness. We’re all guilty of it and seeing God in unexpected ways, is to take off the filters of society, childhood and religion and to catch that wonderful, beautiful, glimpse of a Creator big enough for us all. With a capacity for love that we could never really imagine.

Check out “The Shack” if you have time. I promise it will make you think, and hopefully allow enough room to let God show up in life in ways you never dreamed.


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