New Appreciations

It seems as I’ve got older that I’m appreciating perhaps a wider variety of things and even the things I’ve enjoyed for years, I’m doing so in different, deeper ways.

I heard someone say one time that as they got older they demanded better quality bedding and better quality toilet paper! I guess that’s a pretty good place to start, and I have started there, but it’s just the gateway. Everything gets sweeter. I try to slow and and be in the moment with whatever I’m doing. It doesn’t come naturally for me, and remains a constant struggle. But when I do get that brief moment of recognizing that I’m there, it’s really nice.

What is it for you? Food? That’s a good one. I have always been a horrible eater, nothing green for me , thank you!!! Could you please cook all of the health out of that ! My wife, while always a great cook, has been treating cooking like it’s soul work ! The scents and tastes coming from our plates has made supper time exciting.

But it can be anything. A good cigar. A great glass of wine. Conversation, coffee, books, relationships, worship and the list goes on and on. Maybe it more to do with slowing down and appreciating things. Realizing that depth is more important, at this stage than coverage.

Every stage of life is better when we realize, where we are is right where we should be, and that it serves a reason and a purpose. That’s not always easy, but it sure feels right when it happens.


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