Shine A Light: Grover Washington Jr.

Do you remember the album “Winelight” from about 1981? White jacket, sax and a glass of white wine on the cover. That album contained the monster hit ” Just The Two Of Us” and featured on vocals the late great, Bill Withers of “Ain’t No Sunshine”, “Lean  Me” fame.

Grover was instrumental in the smooth Jazz ear of the 70’s and 80’s and for those of us coming to age around that time, Grover’s music was a sophisticated, essential element. We were trying to grow up, ha, with our white wine, baggy pants and Miami Vice-ish jackets, and the other pure Florida element of the time, no socks ! Sure we were listening to Bob Marley, The Stones, The Cars, Tom Petty, but if you wanted a slice of maturity or elegance, Grover was the way to go. Check out a little Grover if you get time. You can even break out the white wine, put on your pleated pants (if they still fit, mine don’t), and kick off your socks !

Happy Listening !


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