Reading List: Post Secrets

Have you seen this concept of Post Secrets. I was told it started where this guy wanted to compile a book of peoples inner most thoughts. He asked them to write them on a postcard and send it in. It is enlightening as well as disturbing. To me the realization of what people carry around is astonishing. I wonder if it helps to write it down and put it out in the universe even if it anonymous.

The author, Frank Warren began with a website, His book A Lifetime of Secrets is an amazing read.

I want to be rich and successful someday, just so my father will wish he stuck around”.

“I am pawning my wedding rings to pay for my therapy.”

“The hands I was afraid of when I was a kid are now just part of a frail, lonely, sad man”

“My wife doesn’t know I use my Blackberry in church to search for other men to hook with for sex. Not sure if i am going to hell or if I am already there.”

Wow ! What people harbor in their souls. What has happened to them along life’s way? What has happened to all of us, when we look in the deep dark corners for what we think and do, how we are in this world.

There were some uplifting ones too.

“I love my fine lines and wrinkles”.

“Kiss my ass fibromyalgia, I’m going to enjoy my life anyway.”

“I’m falling in love with myself, I wish you were alive to see this”

“I went to help them, and they helped me in way I didn’t know I needed.”

So for me I wouldn’t say it was an uplifting read, not the feel good book of the year, but sometimes uncomfortable is good. i think sometimes God uses uncomfortable to thread us all together. It helps me remember everyone has pain, fear and insecurity, just as I do. It makes me remember my brothers ans sisters in this world and to give them some room just as I hope others will grant me.


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