Alan Jackson CD Release

I don’t seem to buy CD’s these days. I find myself hunting through I Tunes and selecting songs. Every once in a while though, it’s worth the drive down to the local music store and pickup a CD. Such is the case with Alan Jackson’s new CD released today, called “Freight Train”.

I have a little extra incentive on this one. First it is a marked return to classic Alan Jackson music. Second, my friend, Adam Wright co wrote the best tune on there called “Tail Lights Blue”. Folks outside of the music business have no earthly idea how hard it is to get a song recorded these days by a major artist, and just what it means to that writer financially. So please if you are a country music fan, go buy this CD. Support this artist and these writers. If you like Tail Lights Blue, then also check out my blog on Adams own projects as well as his music on i tunes under the name The Wrights.

So let me know what you think, and thanks in advance for supporting Nashville’s community of songwriters, and Adam Wright is one of the finest writers and people you’ll ever meet.



One thought on “Alan Jackson CD Release

  1. I’m never home at this hour, 10:30 am, but had to deal with dogs and am working from bed with tv on the Today Show. As I’m reading your blog, Alan Jackson is premiering his CD and playing first single from it. A sign I should purchase it. I’m not big country fan but I do love the stories woven in their music.

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