How do we define Easter these days? Egg hunts, new clothes for church? Is it about the cross, or that Jesus got off of the cross? Is it just another day? Churches are crowded. What’s the old saying, “They go to the church of C&E, Christmas and Easter”. Is that better than nothing? At least it’s a seed.

My thoughts have been all of the above through the years. I must admit even this year I haven’t contemplated Easter heavily. It’s been a busy time, and maybe in the back of my mind, I put all the pressure on our pastor to deliver something great and enlightening. At least that way I can walk out of church feeling like I was part of the global Easter event. I don’t particularly like that thought about myself.

I have mixed thoughts about all the sin stuff. I grew up in a culture that reminded us all too often how unworthy we were, and how our sin would find us out. I talked to someone the other day who had grown up in the same environment and said after years of being away from God, they had come back to a kinder more loving God. I suppose I have done the same. I see it as a part of a plan, but if I am a child of God, then there is a worth in me for Him to love me. Maybe it’s all just slight angles or the way something is said.

In the end I just believe God wants a relationship with me and not being in one is still having one, kind of. So I am experiencing God all the time, but He wants me to know it and interact with it. Wow, don’t know if that makes any sense at all.

So what does Easter mean to you? What does this journey of faith mean to you? Are you interacting with it? Do you believe God is in every breath? Every flower? Sunrise, Sunset? Handshake?

I hope you all have a wonderful, engaged Easter !


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