Shine A Light: The Boss

A stand up guy. An artist. Gifted writer. Concerned American. Rock icon. Hall of Famer. Elder Statesman of Rock and Roll. Father, husband, son, fellow citizen. Those are just small slivers of Bruce Sprinsteen. Is any of his music part of your life soundtrack. If you were a teenager in the mid 70’s, then he probably is. What if you were a teen in say the 80’s or 90’s, then sure, he was there too. That’s the level of output.

Remember?, lets wander just for a second down the memory lane of Sprinsteen’s tunes. “Born To Run, The River and Badlands…..How about “The entire “Born In The USA” album !! “The Streets of Philadelphia, “Tunnel of Love”,”Human Touch”…man they just go on and on…and he’s still doing it, with the big song in Mickey Rourke’s comeback film, The Wrestler and a great post 9-11 work, The Rising. Maybe you’re a pre-USA fan or a post-USA fan, but hopefully somehwere Bruce has touched you.


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