Earth Day

What does Earth Day or its intentions mean to you? Does it sound hokey?, kind of Euell Gibbons-ish? Do you picture earthy kind of folks drenched in patchouli, wearing Birkenstocks? Maybe you kind of chuckle at the “Mother Earth” kind of stuff or think the earth has been giving for centuries and it probably will for many more to come.

Or maybe, just maybe, you think of future generations. Maybe you try to live a life of using only what you need, and making sure what you throw away goes to the right place. Maybe you believe that this earth is a gift from the Creator and you wish to honor that gift by caring for it and teaching your children to do the same thing.

I know folks on both sides of this idea. But it is time. It is time to honor this gift that sustains us and our children and our children’s children ! Maybe the shift in thinking is just that because we are human and have “dominion”, doesn’t mean we are separate from the whole. We are a part of everything, of the source. Only fools bite the hand of the source. I hope you find a way to honor this sustainer of life on Earth Day. Even more, I hope there is a stronger shift in my mind, towards living as a part of the whole.


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