Shine A Light: Rusty Golden

I remember riding in a car at the Frank Brown International Songwriters Fest in Gulf Shores around 1993 or so. We were trying to get thru some kind of security and I told Rusty just to tell the guy you were a songwriter with the Festival. Rusty’s comment was as odd tome now as it was then. He said “Shoot I’m no songwriter, I’m a musician”. This coming from a dude that has been writing songs almost since he could talk. I think having his first major cut by the Oak Ridge Boys when he was about 19 years old. I think what he was feeling was that he was in the company of many of the great heavy weight writers at the Festival, and in honor of them, he didn’t feel he was worth of such a lofty term.

Well, he was and he is….a songwriter, and with a wonderful new direction in his life, has turned his pen towards gospel songs. That has resulted in 4 #1’s. There were lean years when some folks would have perhaps thrown in the towel, but luckily Rusty didn’t choose that path. There were incarnations of bands featuring him and brother Chris, that never quite made it to the level they should have. There were years of playing for other artists and writing songs for an ever changing market. In the end Rusty is right where he should be, right where I believe, God loves him being.

Remember it all starts with a song, and Rusty has penned many many good ones.

Here is a video of Rusty and his brother Chris’ band, The Goldens with a song called “Little Piece of Land.


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