Vote, Veto or Vomit

Politics. When I was younger I suppose nothing was further from my mind or my friends minds. Now maybe I was running with a low intellect level crowd or maybe we were just young and out there mixing it up in this ole world. My big worries were if there was a chance of surf on the Gulf Coast, and could I spread my meager earnings out enough to cover most bills and still hit the clubs. Maybe this is why some say that youth is wasted on the young.

It was still us and them. Them being grown ups and furthermore politicians. They just weren’t to be trusted. That was a good rationale, a way to perpetuate the life I was living. Well somewhere along the line something happened, and I got interested. I was and am always in search of truth, and how our world was being delivered to us became of interest. Now looking for truth in the pockets of the folks that run this country and world can very well be a tricky piece of business. Not that they are bad folks lying every time they open their mouths, for many I think they really try to make a difference.

What is truth? From who’s side do we view this truth to be able to make that call? When we make a choice to benefit one group doesn’t it adversely affect another? Do we then vote only how something affect us? Or do we try to have a larger view.

Do we vote for someone on looks and personality? Did we vote for Obama because of charisma and not for Bush because he didn’t?Do we vote based on what they say they’d like to get done? Do most of us even know what can and cannot get done? Do most think their vote is a penny tossed down the deepest and darkest of wells?

But in the end what are we left with? Not voting? That doesn’t feel right. It’s enough to turn our stomachs trying to feel good about the choices we make. Maybe the key is to make the best choice we can with what we know and then go out and live our lives with the best spirit possible.

Here in Nashville there are bumper stickers on cars that say IGBOK ! It stands for “It’s gonna be OK”. I like that. I guess I believe that everything’s gonna be alright. It will all turn out the way it’s supposed to be and the thought of us being in control is a little bit of an illusion anyway. I think we owe it to ourselves and our children to be involved as much as we can, to try and understand when we either vote for someone, veto them or just wanna vomit over the whole thing.  It’s gonna be ok ! I kind of like Willie Nelson’s view that our troubles will never be solved politically but spiritually.


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