Shine A Light: Lyle Lovett

Take a minute and forget all of the jokes about Lyle Lovett, which I personally find really tasteless and poor spirited. The is one of the most talented artisits around. Native Texan, just north of Houston in Klien, Lyle grew up with music and ranching. Nothing too unusual for many in Texas.

He was a journalism major in college until he finally realized that many of the questions he was asking, was just none of his business! How funny is that. I mean wouldn’t it be great if our “newsmen” would follow that course?

Instead he turned his pen and paper to songwriting and we are all the better for it. Lyle’s lyric are intelligent, and crafted really well. The music tracks especially in the first few records had beautiful cello on them. Great arrangements. If you ever get a chance to see “Lyle Lovett and His Large Band”, do so, it is a really good show.

Recently Lyle has been touring with Guy Clark, Joe Ely, and Robert Earl Keen.

In Nashville Lyle is also known as a consummate gentleman.

Lyles music will bring a touch of calm and realness to a world always running, always looking for the next big thing. You can pick and choose a few from I Tunes. Enjoy !


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