When I was younger I thought God should have made it to where the older our pets got, the less attached to them we were. The pain of losing a longtime pet is incredibly difficult. They are family, plain and simple. But God had bigger plans for us as He usually does and he knows we grow and get closer to Him and all that’s real, when we are uncomfortable. When we hurt. When we simply have no answers. That, and as hard as it is for us Western thinking folk, pain can be used for good and growth if we let it. Maybe it would remind us of the journey with everything including our life with animals.

I’m often jealous of our Dogs lives. Other than being told what to do alot of the time, they have it pretty darn good. As I was looking through our I Photo the other day I noticed how many pictures of our dogs were right there along side the kids and friends. That’s just how it should be.

My son Dylan and his dog, Dakota

Our dog, Josey goes to work with me everyday and I think as many customers come to see him as to look at the store. He is the best ice breaker in the world.

They should be honored for what they are. A wonderful part of creation and a wonderful part of our lives.


2 thoughts on “A DOGS LIFE

  1. Glenn, I love this blog of yours about pets. We prefer cats and Sasha is quite a lover, not as aloof as most. She’s our snuggle bunny and a very important part of our lives. I think pets give us positive vibe, especially when we come home stressed out over something that happened at work. Dogs and cats never have “bad days” and they are always so happy to see us!

    • Thanks Jodie ! It’s the natural world and we share it with animals and they are every bit as vital to our lives as any other living things. Glad you liked that post. Did you read it off of my site or PNJ ?

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