Biodiesel Anyone ?

I wonder what generation will end up reaping the benefits of some better thinking about where we get our energy sources. I fear it’s a long ways off ! It looks like my hometown and the beautiful white beaches of Pensacola Florida are soon to be threatened immensely, maybe even destroyed. I know things can’t change just like that but when something like this happens and can literally watch some of the most beautiful beaches on this earth ruined for oil, well it can get a person pretty ticked off.

All of the above is about the beauty and ruining Gods creations, but it doesn’t even begin to tackle the enormous environmental and economical impact….The shrimp and oyster beds, marine life and all of the folks that make their living from the Gulf. Tourism, you think ! If the beaches are ruined, then tourism will be non existent…hotels, restaurants, retail stores and it goes on and on and on…..

It looks like the way the gulf stream is headed that this will affect not only the Gulf Coast but on down to the Keys and the right up the east coast, bringing along with it all of issues that folks at home will be affected by. So when do we wake up. If we were able to figure out a way to move collectively at a nation, we could change things quickly. Perhaps that’s the issue. If something doesn’t affect us directly then we don’t tend to respond as well. I’m surely guilty of it.

So solar anyone? Biodiesel for sure, come on, it’s great and the air will smell like french fries. What’s not to love. Please pray for the coastal folks, and also remember then when you pull that lever in the voting booth. It’s time for a change, and as they used to say in Nashville, “It’s a good day for a revolution”. Lets give our children something better.


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