Shine A Light: Jimmy Buffett

Maybe it’s some weird serendipity that Jimmy Buffett, lover of the water, played in Nashville during the worst rain this town has seen in a 100 years !

Now before all you hot Nashville musicians begin to whine and complain about Buffett, either read on with different ears or  just hit the little X that will close this out for you. For those of us that are beach lovers and perpetual escapees of the “normal life”, Jimmy Buffetts music has been a wonderful soundtrack to our lives. I’m no parrothead, and have only seem Buffett one time live. I could care less about “Fins” and “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw”. Margaritaville lost some of its sparkle after about the 3 million times I heard it. But ! But for songs like “Captain and the Kid”, “Changes in Latitude”, Coast of Marsailles” and “Pirate Looks at 40, well there’s no other way to describe that stuff other than beautiful masterpieces.

His shows have become much more of an event and much of that isn’t for everyone. No one has ever made the claim that he is the greatest singer or musician, but he has damn sure tapped into something. He is a great writer and for this writer, Buffett has been a significant part of my lifes soundtrack. I was stuck in the Tampa airport for about 5 hours when I was 21 years old and all I had was a double cassette tape of A1A/Changes in Latitude. i got to know it very well and came to appreciate the craft of his writing and the feel of his voice that created a warm relaxed vibe that became important through the years.


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