They say inside if us all we have holes. Longings, feelings of incompleteness. Maybe feelings that we don’t measure up, that we don’t fit in. I’m of the belief that we are all on a spiritual journey, and this physical portion is a wonderful part, full of wonder, pain and joy.

So for a minute, if you will buy into these “holes” in our spirits, and also to the belief that we are on a spiritual journey, how do we fill these holes? I would say we could look around and see a number of ways folks are trying to fill those holes or voids. Leaving them unfilled is almost scarier than filling them with the wrong things. I’ve sure filled mine through the years with some things that were unproductive for me. Things that in the end caused me more pain and emptiness than I had in the beginning. I filled them with ego and vanity. Filled them with material things, substances and relationships.

I’ve let the pendulum swing the other way too, and filled it with what I thought was God. I think I was filling the holes with something I could perhaps hide behind to feel better about myself. To keep me on the straight and narrow or worse to sort of purchase that little insurance card of going to heaven. While I can’t begin to say exactly what God wants from us, I really think the first think he wants is honesty. That has to be where He/She works the best, in the raw nerves of our lives. Our feeling are nothing new to the Great Spirit, right?, hasn’t God being dealing with that since first man?

Is it a checklist of do’s and don’ts? That sure doesn’t feel right. People describe the “Christian” lifestyle. That’s a real brain twister for me. What does that mean? Do the Buddhists and Hindus have that same thought process? I’m assuming that all “religions”, since they are created by man, would have the same fundamental processes.

Back to holes before I wrap up. I saw this children’s pageant thing on TV. I hope I fall short of judgement, but I tell you my friends, it made me really uncomfortable. How can anyone look at this type of thing and not think it’s wrong? Do we not have enough problems in this world with trying to fit in and be comfortable in our own skin? It happens tho in sports where parents act like the 5 year olds and parents reinforcing to their little girls that their beauty is all on the outside.

I think if we quiet our hearts, we will know what the Creator wants from us, and in that we will find harmony. I’ve maybe seen fleeting moments of real harmony, but I hope I keep looking in the hearts of gentle teachers, humble mystics, and humans with love, Christs love in their hearts. I know I won’t find it in folks that dress a young child up like she’s 40 and parade her around a stage, yet I hope they will find true harmony someday. Here’s to searching always, and always accepting the change and growth in your spirit to help fill some of those holes. Thanks for listening, and I’ love to hear how to fill your spiritual voids, successful or not.


2 thoughts on “Holes

  1. I read all of them. This one is particularly well said. “Holes” and thier filling; I have come to the realization that much of the hole filling done through a weekly trek to the steepled alter is a western tradition much more then an encounter with the divine. I find much more in solitude, children and creation at times then the impassioned bravado of a sales pitch.

  2. Another thoughtful, provocative correspondence, Glenn. I always look forward to your installments. Bravo!

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