Shine A Light: The Beatles

I’m not sure this post is even worth writing unless it simply serves as a reminder for folks to dig out their vinyl or make some i tunes purchases. The Beatles have made such a generational impact that it’s like not having air in your life if you don’t know their music.

So whether you are a mop top fan, psyco-flower power era or like me finding them when I was 10 and they were breaking up already, they have surely made an impact like the world has never known.

Four dudes. Four friends. Music partners. Husbands and fathers. The world saw them as one, but the world couldn’t and shouldn’t hold such forces together. It was all how it was meant to be I guess. Sadness and shock in losing John in such a horrible way. George going way too soon. It all has a stamp on my childhood and tunes like “Let It Be’ and “Can’t Buy Me Love” are as much a part of the fabric of my life as toys I had or vacations I went on. I couldn’t begin to thank them enough.

My oldest son Paden who is just shy of his 21st year, had a cassette tape I put under his crib. And for the first 2 years of his life he would fade into sleep with the Beatles music. I know I’ve done many things wrong as a parent but I hope giving him the gift and love of music, and especially the music of the Beatles, will go a little ways in redeeming so of those shortcomings.


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